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A puzzler based on the concept of circuitry – we took a quick look at Cuit ahead of its release.

The idea of a game where you can have fun and learn something – seems pretty out there, right? Get real, it’s never gonna happen. What if I told you that there’s a game coming out that teaches you about electrical circuitry, and works out to be fairly challenging to boot? If this sounds like the thing you’ve been hoping for, then Cuit may very well be the answer to your prayers.

Coming to us from developer Sebastian Schon, Cuit looks to be a puzzle game, but the basis for it makes sense because it’s based on real world electrical circuitry. Too many puzzle games on Steam rely on bizarre moon-logic puzzles that do nothing but bamboozle, but Cuit deftly avoids this problem, and as such is very easy to grasp. It focuses on “puzzles” solved in everyday life by electricians on a regular basis, instead of asking you to combine a soup can with an ice cream scoop in exchange for the deed to Luxembourg or whatever made-up, nonsensical . Simply, you must complete a circuit from beginning to end by manipulating switches and paying attention to certain electrical “gates” (I’m not an electrician, please forgive me) that dictate how many currents are allowed through it at once.

Adding extra challenge are bombs: wire up circuitry incorrectly and the whole thing explodes, which basically equates to “do the puzzle again, please”. This, as such, is shaping up into the kind of game you really need to think about before you start making decisions, and as the game progresses, the puzzles naturally get trickier, with circuits branching off in several directions. This sounds initially insane and looks like it will be a stern test to anyone not paying attention, but if you take the time to learn how the puzzles are put together, you might learn a little something AND succeed.

However, the gameplay of Cuit isn’t the only impressive thing about the title in its pre-release state, as it’s also looking tremendous right now. It takes on an uber-clean visual style, with its solvable electrical diagrams planted on grey-white backgrounds, looking like it belongs in the cleanest textbook of all time. There’s an insane level of clarity and sharpness to the game so far, too, in that it doesn’t use too many colours; black for electrical parts, orange for a working current, grey for a dead one, and that’s all. Yet, in using so few colours, the game is completely vibrant; Cuit is shooting for a “less is more” approach and it’s paying high dividends for them right now.

Perhaps the most intriguing feature of Cuit right now is how open it is; boasting Steam Workshop support, players will be able to create their own levels and “playlists” of stages for the game, which means that as far as replayability goes, Cuit is theoretically infinite. With its nuanced, intriguing, and easy-to-learn, hard-to-master style of puzzles, a game that has as many challenges as you could possibly want is extremely intriguing, and should pull in fans of the genre on release day.

Cuit looks sharp, and has an extremely original basis for gameplay that will offer ample difficulty for people who pay attention. This one might shock you (in a great way) come release day on April 27th.

Ben McCurry

Ben McCurry is the Editor-in-Chief at Ludotempus, which is a title he came up with to make himself sound important. He believes that gaming peaked with BMX XXX and that Final Fantasy VII is a 'mug's game'. Follow him on Twitter.

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