Mission Statement

Starting another games journalism website in 2016 is madness. Between GameSpot, IGN, Kotaku, Destructoid, and the billions of other smaller mom ‘n’ pop organisations running online, there’s barely any room left. If this were Feeding Frenzy, you’d be the smallest fish in the ocean. If it was Pac-Man, you’d lose instantly as there’s too many other Pac-Men on screen. If it was WWF No Mercy, it’d be a three-on-one handicap match. The point made here is that trying to start a website for games journalism is a mug’s game as the odds are stacked insurmountably high.

Yet, just when they think the rules are set, we change the game.

Ludotempus was conceived in 2016 with the idea of disposable vs eternal in mind. When you’re yesterday’s news, you are no longer being read. Your front page is being used to wrap fish and chips up somewhere in London. News, except in the case of archiving, becomes dust, with an incredibly ephemeral shelf life, Ludotempus eschews this. We will not be about reporting news, but rather creating timeless and high-quality written gaming content that can be enjoyed for years to come. This encompasses reviews, opinions pieces, essays, and interviews. As such, Ludotempus starts in the hope that we can make content within video games much less temporary than it ever was before – we hope that, should we be allowed to exist in five years’ time, reviews published at our inception will be just as popular as they were when they were first published. Other sites specialise in quick-fix temporary writing; we aim to create content a little bit more evergreen.

Goals, Aims and Disclosure Laid Out in Plain English

  • Ludotempus will create timeless video game content in written form – reviews, previews, articles, opinion pieces, interviews – in the hopes of creating a higher-quality and more enduring product than our competitors.
  • The meaning of “higher-quality content” is reviews that aren’t just disposable; genuinely good pieces of writing that will last well into the future and make for good reading at a later date, even if the subject game itself has lost relevance.
  • We are not interested in reporting news as GameSpot, IGN, Kotaku et al have this completely covered already, and as such, our reporting of their sources would be totally pointless and a wasted effort, especially considering the extremely quick turnaround time of gaming news.
  • Ludotempus will never accept bribes in exchange for good reviews, be it by money or other goods and services. If a publisher or developer attempts to bribe Ludotempus for positive coverage, even in an insultingly small capacity (e.g. A basket of mini muffins), we will disclose it. This may lead to us being black-listed by said company but we would rather retain our dignity than bend over for a few dollars more.
  • If the reviewer in charge of looking at a game for review or preview has some pre-existing connection to a developer (by blood, relationship, former employment etc.), we will disclose this; however, we will first and foremost try to assign someone with no prior link to the subject in order to retain as much objectivity as possible.

We hope these aims came make Ludotempus a success leaving 2016 into 2017 and beyond.