RuneScape To Have Music Library Released For First Time Ever

The creators of the world-conquering and hugely popular MMORPG series RuneScape, Jagex, announced in Cambridge today that they would release two albums’ worth of original music related to the venerable fantasy franchise in collaboration with the The Philharmonic Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios, and Laced Records, a music publisher.

Two records entitled RuneScape: The Orchestral Collection and Runescape: Original Soundtrack Classics are available now on streaming platforms such as Spotify. Physical releases will come later on – fans will be able to pre-order either CDs or double vinyl sets if they want to get their hands on something tangible.

The compilations feature work from James Hannigan, who is a BAFTA-award winning composer who has previously been heard on franchises such as Harry Potter and Command and Conquer – specifically, this was soundtrack work from the decently-received Order of the Phoenix, as well as the creation of the main theme from Red Alert 3, the Soviet March.

The music was originally recorded in two stages for these albums: the first coming in 2012 in Bratislava by the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra – this is more than likely the original compositions recorded for the game in the first place. The last part of the record was completed in December 2017 at the aforementioned Abbey Road Studios, and will likely form the basis for Disc 1.

Guy Pearce, Director of Brand and Creative Production at Jagex, was vocal about releasing the soundtrack for the sake of the fans. “The community has been telling us for a long time that RuneScape’s music is, for many, the soundtrack to their youth and that they would like it to be more easily available. So, we’re thrilled to be able to make original, current and classical versions of some of their favourite tracks available for them to listen to where, when and how they want.”

The two albums are available to listen to now on streaming sites, and can be ordered through Laced Records here (if you live in the US): and here (rest of the world):

Ben McCurry

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